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This charcuterie board has been sustainably sourced from a grove of olive trees in the south of France made up of trees that are more than 300 years old.  With olive-producing days behind them, they have been given a new life where the beauty of their unique grains can be appreciated.

Your board has been hand-cut, shaped, engraved, sanded, sealed, and finally…accentuated with one of a kind, hand forged, copper handles that have been coated to preserve them.

Hours of manual labor go into each piece; starting with the meticulous preparation of wood to the rustic detailing of the handmade handles….

no two charcuterie boards are alike.

Handle size, coloring, and hardware vary in order to highlight the beauty of each individual board.  Engraving location will also vary based on grain patterns.

Sustainably Sourced Charcuterie Board

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