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Handcrafted out of copper with minimal tools outside on the sand, the Sea Gypsy Journey Boxed set promotes the practice of utilizing natural resources around us in unexpected ways. This set includes 2 the uncoated Stacker and Core cuffs which allow the wearer to absorb the health benefits of copper which include properties that help circulation and inflammation. Also included is the Patina Stacker which utilize the ocean water on the Outer Banks to naturally react to the copper over time while exposed to the elements. Last but not least is the ultralight Bioluminescence patina that evokes shades of midnight reflections on the water. Once gorgeous blues, blacks, and/or greens develop, the patina cuffs are coated using a hand dipped process to protect the patina that has developed.

The Sea Gypsy Journey set includes the 4 most popular pieces of the Collection in a pretty wooded gift box laser engraved with the Sea Gypsy mermaid. The mermaid e symbolizes independence, individuality, and an ever moving refusal to be contained…just like the Sea Gypsy spirt to create in an outside of the box way of thinking.

Images are samples only due to the natural patina process. All pieces are handmade and will vary in color, shade, patterns, and textures. No two are ever alike.

Patina pieces should be treated with care and worn as statement pieces. The 2 copper cuffs that are not patinad can be worn all day, every day.

Sea Gypsy Journey Boxed Set

  • Patina pieces must not be exposed to harsh chemicals or cosmetics in order to preserve the patina. Wear as Periodic statement pieces only.

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