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Ocean water patina on these pretty flowers that have been coated to preserve the always different/never duplicated natural patina. Flowers vary between flat and organically curved to add interesting depth. Due to the natural patina process, no two are the same. Colors, patterns, and hues will vary. Images are samples.


Copper used to create this design has been upcycled while makes it eco-friendly in design.

The ear wires are handmade and composed of sterling silver.

The Sea Gypsy FLOWERS IN BLOOM set is wrapped in a vegan suede sachet and packed in a pretty wooded gift box laser engraved with the Sea Gypsy mermaid. The mermaid e symbolizes independence, individuality, and an ever moving refusal to be contained…just like the Sea Gypsy spirt to create in an outside of the box way of thinking.


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  • Do not expose patina pieces to harsh chemicals or cosmetics. Damage to the protective coating can occur.

    Should be worn as a statement piece. Not for daily use.

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